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   A licensed Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC) with the experience to assist with planning, design and installation for new or renovated projects is always available to answer your questions. The designation; AHC indicates the consultant has passed the certification exam and achieved and maintained a high level of professionalism in the servicing and specification of architectural doors and hardware for all types of buildings. AHC's coordinate thousands of builders' hardware items and options to ensure door openings are in compliance with fire, life safety, accessibility and building code requirements.

Estimating & Quotes
   From small projects to large buildings, we compile pricing from your plans and provide accurate, competitive quotes at no charge to you. 
   We will identify possible problems and compatibility issues, prepare shop drawings and detailed schedules for approval and provide value engineering options to keep you within your budget.

Specialty Services

   We offer quick turn-around on both standard and custom frames as well as door modifications. For your security applications, we can provide grand master and master systems, as well as electronically controlled access systems.


   Door and Hardware Associates of Alabama, Inc., offers prompt delivery withing Birmingham and the surrounding areas. We will coordinate delivery and work hand-in hand with you to ensure your order is received in a timely manner.

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