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Door & Hardware Associates of Alabama, Inc.

With over 30 years of experience in the architectural opening industry,

we have the knowledge, materials & experience to get the job done.

Our Services Include:

Consulting     Estimating & Preparing Quotes     Preparing Shop Drawings & Scheduling

  Keying     Welding & Machining     Delivery

Our Products Include:

Standard & Custom Hollow Metal Doors & Frames     Tornado Resistant Storm Doors & Frames

Wood Doors In All Species, Fire Ratings & Pre-finishes     Custom Stile and Rail Wood Doors

Hollow Metal Framed Windows & Glass     Radiation Resistant Doors, Frames & Glass

Finish Hardware     Electronic Hardware & Access Controls     Washroom Accessories

Toilet Partitions     Fire Extinguishers & Cabinets     Metal Lockers & Benches

Traffic Doors     Corner Guards     Access Panels     Metal Vision Kits     Door Louvers

  & More...

Building Plans
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